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Best Corporate Event Themes

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Chancing on a sleek ride is an ultimate show-stopper. Especially if you’re in a limousine with a mini bar. You will be an instant celebrity. You’ll have the Princess Diaries moment where Mia is fetched from her home by a regal car because she was indeed a princess of Genovia. Don’t forget to let drop down one foot at a time for that mysterious touch.  The corporate world is grueling and boring sometimes. Employees, colleagues feel like their disposable commodities every time so they always raise market value for themselves. Attending conferences and seminars all sound monotonous. What’s refreshing and stimulating is hosting a corporate event that’s more than printed letters in construction paper and messy confetti. Company Christmas parties, holiday celebrations and business symposiums should be hosted in style. 

Vintage Classics

 Vintage is timeless and sophisticated. You could be portraying and channeling the characters of the roaring 20s. Retro style and vintage music is going back on trend like how Lana sings her songs. Girls dress prim and proper with their hair curled neatly with hairspray. Men have their slick back manes and trusty trousers. 


 The carnival lets you reminisce of your childhood days. There are popcorns and cotton candies to serve. Miniature Ferris wheel and carousel rides could be added as decorations. Carnivals are regarded festive so colorful banderitas are hanged on the ceiling. The streets are swarming with men walking on sticks and festival dancers so you could have them as inspirations for dress code. 


Full of sparkly feathers and fluffy shawls and that is Gatsby for you. Women could wear turbans and pearls for accessories. It is also symbolic of the 1920s and the American Dream. Daisy and Gatsby’s love story could just not be given a happy ending. This is why it’s not just any random theme of lavishness and superiority for a function room hire Melbourne. 

Casino Royale 

It is a theme also inspired from the 1967 British-American spy movie which was also remade on 2006. Who would even dare skip the name of James Bond in their memory? Building a business empire and creating a name for yourself is a gamble. It is reflected in men wearing tuxedos and playing poker. In the corporate world, huge tycoons have the license to kill and by kill means outsmart their competitors and expand their domain. 

Tropical Beach

 The outdoors is much more enjoyable if there is a beach nearby. The scenery where the sky meets the sea is just breath-taking. When it is summer, you also want a break from your business attire. A corporate venues Melbourne like the beach target a wider audience. Unlike an enclosed event that generates a private session, an open event by the salty waters will make passers-by curious.  Red Carpet 

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