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Why This Location Is Perfect For Your Big Day?

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Have you ever gone through Pinterest when searching for wedding ideas? If so, you most definitely have come across the many magical photos of garden receptions and weddings – and admit it, they probably inspired you enough to think about having your own wedding in a garden. But you might probably think – are these photos really possible for me as well? How do I plan a garden reception? Whilst these are very popular choices, there are indeed many more things to factor in and account for, and it makes sense that you might not be willing to take on the additional challenges. But what if your dream wedding is indeed one held in a garden? Here are a few reasons why this can be so:

There are so many choices – garden weddings have so many options. Whilst the name ‘garden’ might imply less of a variety than your average wedding reception halls, the truth is far from this. Gardens can be your very own, a public park or even the grounds of a beautiful resort.

They are very affordable – whatever option you pick for your outdoor wedding, you should know that gardens make for minimal expenses. Most public locations often let you rent the area for little to no fee at all, and in the case of charges, you know they go for the upkeep of the park at most. If you are hosting the wedding in your own garden (or that of a friend or family), then of course, you know that there won’t be any charges either. When you contrast this with hiring wedding reception in Melbourne, the difference in the budgetary requirements becomes very obvious.

Decoration is minimal – and of course, if you are wondering how much it will cost for a wedding decoration hire for an outdoors wedding, know that the price will certainly be less. Wedding decorators working with garden settings, for example, know that small, inconspicuous decorations suit the venue and theme of the wedding best. They prefer to let the flowers and the greenery take the centre stage, and this means you do not have to really invest in a lot for wedding decorations hire Sydney.

They provide good lighting – have you ever wondered why wedding photos taken in gardens look so beautiful and soft? The answer has to with lighting. The sun and the foliage can make for very soft lighting (of course, keep in mind to take the photos early in the morning or in the late afternoon – the midday sunlight tends to be harsher), which can make photos look magical, and increase the beauty of the individuals in them.

You love the outdoors – and finally, the biggest reason why you should just go for a garden reception is because you love the outdoors, the trees and the flowers. There is no reason why should have your wedding indoors if your heart is with nature, so go ahead and start planning for your outdoor wedding right now!

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